The Land God Forgot

The lonely sunsets flare forlorn, Down valleys dreadly desolate;
The lordly mountains soar in scorn, As still as death, as stern as fate.

The lonely sunsets flame and die; The giant valleys gulp the night;
The monster mountains scrape the sky, Where eager stars are diamond-bright.

So gaunt against the gibbous moon, Piercing the silence velvet-piled,
A lone wolf howls his ancient rune –

O outcast land! O leper land! Let the lone wolf - cry all express
The hate insensate of thy hand, Thy heart’s abysmal loneliness.

– Robert Service

North America’s Highest Peaks

Denali Logan Orizaba St Elias Popo
Foraker Izta Lucania King Pk Steele
Bona Blackburn Sanford ... Hunter

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The Big Three:

Denali, Alaska Mount Logan, Yukon Orizaba, Mexico
1 Denali, Alaska
    20,320 feet
2 Logan, Canada
    19,540 feet
3 Orizaba, Mexico
    18,701 feet

Fire and Ice:

Mount Saint Elias, Alaska Popocatépetl, Mexico Mount Foraker, Alaska
4 Saint Elias, Alaska
    18,008 feet
5 Popocatépetl, Mexico
    17,887 feet
6 Foraker, Alaska
    17,400 feet

Gentle Sleeping Giant:

Iztaccíhuatl, Mexico
7 Iztaccíhuatl, Mexico
    17,342 feet

Forgotten Yukon Surprises:

Mount Lucania, Yukon King Peak, Yukon Mount Steele, Yukon
8 Mt Lucania, Yukon
    17,147 feet
9 King Peak, Yukon
    16,972 feet
10 Mt Steele, Yukon
      16,644 feet

Alaska’s Sexy Sixteeners:

Mount Bona, Alaska Mount Blackburn, Alaska Mount Sanford, Alaska
11 Mt Bona, Alaska
      16,550 feet
12 Mt Blackburn,
      Alaska - 16,390 feet
13 Mt Sanford, Alaska
      16,237 feet


Mount Hunter, Alaska
25 Mt Hunter, Alaska
      14,573 feet
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